Bear Raids 7-Eleven for Candy Bars

Even bears like chocolate bars. A large furry brown bear repeatedly entered a 7-Eleven store in California to treat itself to some sweets.

Christopher Kinson was working as a cashier when the animal entered the 7-Eleven in Olympic Valley, California. At first, the 54-year-old saw the front open but didn’t see any human enter the store. That’s when he looked down to see a brown bear munching away on the candy bars.

“I always kept my distance, and I had the back door near me so I could escape if it charged me. I was scared initially, but they just want to eat. You always have to be careful, though. We don’t know how exactly they are thinking.”

The bear didn’t just make one stop inside but repeatedly entered and left the store to take one or two candy bars each time. “It’s like it was purposely polite to take one candy bar at a time; it’s almost like it had manners,” Kinson said.

A polite bear indeed. After around 30-minutes of entering and leaving the store with more goodies, the bear finally stopped. Kinson was able to lock the door and carry on with the rest of the night.