Bear Steals Halloween Candy in Florida Neighborhood

It wasn’t just children who looked to stuff their faces with candy on Halloween. A bear went trick-or-treating in a Florida neighborhood by helping itself to a bunch of candy that was left in an unattended bowl outside of someone’s home.

Pari Limbachia said she was trick-or-treating with her kids in a Lake Mary, Florida, neighborhood when they spotted a bear out and about. It turns out, the bear was helping itself to some candy from an unattended jack-o’-lantern bowl outside a home’s front door.

Credit: Pari Limbachia

Limbachia captured a video of the incredible incident. A child can be heard saying: “With the wrapper?” while another responded with: “I do that sometimes. I eat the Starburst with the wrapper.”

After munching on the delicious treats, the bear started wandering towards Limbachia and her family, who ended up taking off in a golf cart before the animal got too close. The bruin headed in the opposite direction, possibly trying to find the next batch of candy to feast on.