Bear Steals Taco Bell Delivery From Florida Family’s Porch

A lot of people’s guilty pleasure can be Taco Bell and that notion extends to animals as well. A Florida family had their Taco Bell delivery stolen off their front porch by a hungry bear.

Laidy Guiterrez and Daniel Bula ordered the fast food from Uber Eats. Security cameras captured the delivery driver dropping off the food and leaving the area. The footage, which was posted online, also showed the moment the hungry bruin wandered up to the family’s front porch.


Increible la inseguridad en esta ciudad de (Orlando Florida) definitivamente ni estamos seguros ni en nustra propia casa👮‍♀️ladron en captado en camara

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The bear approached their front door and walked off with the bag of Taco Bell food that had just been dropped off. In the video, the bear even returned for the soft drinks that were delivered alongside the food.

According to Gutierrez, bears have become common in the Longwood neighborhood of Orlando, Florida but this food theft was definitely a first. In the future, it’s unlikely this family will have their food dropped off on their front porch in fear of more bears showing up to the party.