Bear Takes Swim in Family’s Backyard Pool During Rainstorm

Most will turn away from the pool if it’s raining outside as Rainy days are perfect for movie nights or having a cup of hot tea. A large bear decided to take a dip in a California woman’s family’s backyard pool during a rainstorm.

Credit: Donna Hargett

Donna Hargett took a video and posted it to Instagram, which shows the uninvited trespasser enjoying its time in her family’s Monrovia backyard. The pouring rain did not seem to bother the large brown bear at all as it was seen swimming a few laps in the family’s pool.

Hargett also managed to record the moment the bear climbed out of the pool. The big bear clearly had gotten enough swimming in for the day. It can be seen getting out of the pool, shaking off the excess water before wandering away from the area.