Company Creates Chicken Feed for Human Consumption

Promotional stunts keep getting more and more creative. An agricultural company has created “Chix Mix,” a new snack that is “made from most of the same ingredients” that are in the brand’s chicken feed.

Perdue is the company behind this stunt, which promotes the company’s vegetarian and antibiotic-free chicken feed. According to the brand, consumers have become “increasingly interested in the health and quality of the foods they eat.”

The industry has continuously faced controversy from animal rights organizations about the antibiotics in chicken feed and the treatment of animals, which is what led the 103-year-old company to explore this marketing opportunity.

According to Perdue’s website, its chicken feed contains grains, primarily consisting of corn and soybeans and is mixed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids to “ensure a nutritionally balanced diet.” Perdue does not use antibiotics in the vast majority of its chicken feed, unlike many other competitors.

“We believe you are what you eat, and at a critical point in time when competitors are going back to using preventative antibiotics, we want to reinforce our commitment to feeding our chickens, and your family, clean food,” said David Zucker, executive vice president of marketing at Perdue, said.

Chix Mix highlights these healthy foods and is made from corn, wheat puffs and edamame but includes a dash of barbecue spices “just for humans.” The snack went on sale on November 17 at 12:00 p.m. and is available for a limited time.

Source: https://perduechixmix.com/