Construction Crew Discovers WWII-Era Bomb Near Florida Airport

Once you start digging, you never know what you might find. While working on a future college campus near a Florida airport, a construction crew discovered a WWII-era bomb.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook about the incident. They said that the crew was working at the site of what will be Wilton Simpson Technical College in Brooksville, Florida, when they discovered the buried ordinance. This site also happens to be near the Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport.

The sheriff’s office made sure to evacuate the area about a half mile in each direction and closed nearby roads while waiting for the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Team to arrive. To their surprise, the team determined that the decaying bomb was a Mark 65, a 1,000-pound bomb dating back to World War II.

Luckily, the bomb was deemed inert and the sheriff’s office confirmed that it would disposed of by a crew from MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. It’s believed that the bomb was tied to the WWII military airfield that once occupied the land of the current Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/HernandoSheriff/posts/pfbid0hJWT1dhLrsThkQRj7ZQnuUTyKwTxKxZyyhdJ8zebtNbuRVZGYSgTsarPdnmL6hWbl