Deer Crashes Through Window of Family’s Home

Having a deer make an appearance in a home can be quite a surprise for everyone. A Kentucky man said that he and his family weren’t home at the time a deer crashed through a window and ran inside his house.

Abe Mashni, a Lexington defense attorney, was visiting his parents with his family during a windstorm when his wife received a call from a neighbor that had spotted a deer inside the family’s home. When Mashni arrived, he found police and animal control officers already on the scene.

Apparently, the deer had crashed through a window in his home office. Police attempted to chase the animal out through the front door but the deer had other plans, breaking the window in Mashni’s son’s bedroom to escape.

Mashni joked in a YouTube video that the deer could face several charges for the act, including burglary, criminal trespassing and criminal mischief. They might need to find a good lawyer to represent them.