Dog With Head Stuck in Tire Rim Rescued by Firefighters

A tire rim isn’t the most relaxing place to get stuck. Firefighters in New Jersey came to the rescue of a curious pup that poked her head through the rim of a discarded tire and ended up getting stuck.

The Franklinville Volunteer Fire Department posted on Facebook that crews partnered with the Franklin Township Police Department when it came to their attention that a dog ended up with her head stuck through the rim of a tire at home.

At first, attempts were made to remove the neckwear from the dog, named Daisy, by using soap and water. When this was unsuccessful, Firefighter Brandon Volpe ended up using his personal set of plasma cutters to remove the tire.

Fortunately, everything went well with this attempt and Daisy was successfully freed from the tire. “Daisy was not injured and is doing well,” the fire department said.