English World Cup Fans End Up at a Sheikh’s Palace

The World Cup is officially underway in Qatar, with many football fans from around the world traveling to the country to watch their teams in action. With the ban on alcoholic drinks at the venue in effect, many have been looking for ways to enjoy matches with a pint of beer in their hands.

Two English fans seemed to have hit the jackpot when they ended up at a sheikh’s palace at the end of their search for alcohol. One of the fans shared more about their experience online. “We’ve just been having a good time, having a mooch and trying to get our bearings. The set-up’s spot on, we’ve been enjoying ourselves,” one of the fans said.

That was when the night took a turn when the fans were taken back to a palace by the sheikh’s son. Their evening consisted of getting a house tour of the sheikh’s palace, where they were shown a collection of monkeys, birds and other exotic animals. In a follow up tweet, one of the fans showed off a video he recorded while playing the sheikh’s pet lion.

The other fan recounted his crazy experience: “Last night we met one of the Sheikh’s sons and he took us back to the palace. He showed us that he had lions and everything. They’ve [Qatar locals] made us so welcome.”

He then explained how the two of them ended up at the sheikh’s palace: “Basically we were on a bit of a hunt for some beers and he was like ‘yeah, we sort beers, we sort beers’, so we jumped into the back of his Toyota Landcruiser, ended up at a big palace. He showed us his monkeys, his exotic birds. It was nuts.”

The bizarre story has blown up across social media. One of the fans documented his entire night on Snapchat, which was also shared online.