Escaped Cow Wanders Around Tennis Court

Cows are apparently just like dogs, they too might want to get a game of fetch in every now and then. An escaped cow in England ended up spending more than 10 hours on a tennis court a mile away from its home.

The 10-month-old calf escaped from a field in Great Bowden, England, and was immediately spotted at the Market Harborough Lawn Tennis Club, which is about a mile away. Phil Harris, head coach at the tennis club, which is owned by Vickie Gillespie, said it was a surprising sight to discover a baby cow on the tennis courts. Maybe it just wanted to practice its serve?

Many witnesses captured photos and videos, which made their way online. In the images, the cow can be seen casually wandering around the courts and even trying to get into the clubhouse through the automatic doors.

Credit: Manchester World

Adam Shepherd, chairman of Great Bowden Parish Council, was one of the local residents who came to the tennis club to see the cow.

“We have no idea how it got there or why it was there. It was just stood there mooing and walking round and seemed to be having the time of its life,” Shepherd said. “We checked the fences and there was no obvious means of entry and nothing seemed to be broken. So unless the cow had the code to the gate we figure a member of the public must have let it in for some reason.”

Luckily, Gillespie said the cow was safely returned to its herd after its time on the courts.