Flight Delayed After Mosquito Swarm Enters Passenger Cabin

When heading out on vacation, the last thing you think would cause a flight to be delayed is a swarm of mosquitoes. A flight in Mexico was delayed for more than two hours because of a mosquito infestation that was aboard the plane.

The Volaris Flight VOI221 was scheduled to depart Guadalajara to Mexico City, Mexico, at 4:30 p.m. but was delayed until 6:59 p.m. while the flight’s crew and passengers tried to get rid of the mosquito swarm.

Videos recorded by passengers onboard the plane show the mosquitos being swatted by crew and passengers in an attempt to kill them off. Flight attendants also tried to use bug spray in hopes that would get rid of the bugs.

Luckily for those on the plane, the mosquitoes quickly dissipated once the lights were turned off in the passenger compartment. Officials said that because Guadalajara International Airport is located amid heavy vegetation and frequent floodwaters, it’s often the ideal mosquito breeding ground, making this oddity happen more often than one would normally think.