Kentucky School’s Snake Wanders Unnoticed for Three Months

A slithering snake is sure to send screams echoing from the classrooms. After all, how can you hit the books when a wild creature is roaming the halls?

At a Kentucky school, a snake made a reappearance after it went missing for three months. It escaped from its terrarium and it has been found a few feet away from the original spot.

Max Haupt, a science teacher at Walden School, said the corn snake went missing at the start of the school year in September. It was known by the sixth graders as the Gummy Worm. The curious snake escaped from her terrarium located in the classroom to explore other areas of the school.

“I think I just didn’t put the lid on secure enough,” Haupt said.

Credit: Walden School

Time passed with no signs of the snake but snakeskin did show up in the classroom. The kids kept their cool despite knowing that a snake is crawling around somewhere.

Eventually, the snake did turn up and it was found by Aspen Winner, a 12-year-old student, who saw Gummy Worm twirled around a heater under a sink in the classroom. It was a pleasant surprise to come back after the holiday break.

“Thirsty yet unharmed, Gummy Worm has been safely returned to her terrarium,” the school said.

This might be the last escape for Gummy Worm since the terrarium has been tightly shut with a more heavy-duty lid.