Milk Spill Fills Virginia Creek With White Liquid

It’s quite uncommon to see a creek of flowing water be almost completely white in color. Firefighters in Virginia determined that the reason a creek turned a mysterious white color was because of a clogged drain that led to an overflow of milk.

The Lynchburg Fire Department wrote on Facebook that crews responded to a 911 call about a creek near Hendricks Street in Lynchburg, Virginia, that had turned “almost completely white in color.” Investigators quickly discovered that the white color was due to waste milk from the Westover Dairy plant.

Apparently, a clogged drain line at the plant led to the milk overflowing into a storm sewer and making its way into the creek. Firefighters were able to clear the clogged drain and stop the overflow from happening. Local and state water resources officials were also informed of the incident.

The department mentioned that there was no public health threat from the waste milk. It’s unclear as to how long the stream remained the milky white color.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/LynchburgFireDepartment/posts/pfbid0M4PYB3d2SguXbjjzSj5ktVCbTtfZpZAUK8U1gyUTN43Sibhm23CVdSxrRH9JSiMhl