New Orleans Police Department Rats Get High on Seized Marijuana

Rats will apparently eat whatever they can get their claws on. A police headquarters in New Orleans said that the rats infesting the department’s headquarters have been getting high from eating the seized marijuana stored in the evidence room.

Police Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick from the New Orleans Police Department reported to the City Council’s Criminal Justice Committee that the building is infested with cockroaches and rats. Apparently, the rodents have been having an extremely good time destroying evidence.

“The rats eating our marijuana, they’re all high,” Kirkpatrick said during a meeting.

Kirkpatrick was at the meeting to speak in support of a $7.6 million proposal to temporarily relocate police headquarters to a leased space in a downtown building for 10 years. This would give an opportunity to explore more permanent solutions to the current building’s numerous issues.

“We all know the facilities have been rundown,” Criminal Justice Committee Chairman Oliver Thomas said. “Last year, it was so hot that we had to close the buildings. Sometimes it’s so cold that our officers and the rank at headquarters can’t even occupy the building.”

Gilbert Montano, the city’s chief administrative officer, brought up that the relocation proposal would be much cheaper than the estimated $30 million it would cost to fix the current headquarters. The proposal is now prepared to go before the full City Council for approval.