Pair Caught Having Sex in Front of Popeyes Restaurant

The private acts in the bedroom shouldn’t be put on display for the public to see. A couple was arrested after they were caught having sex on the sidewalk in front of a Popeyes in Florida.

A sheriff’s deputy responded to the call from a passing motorist and located the two suspects who were fornicating on a patch of grass across from a Popeyes in Vero Beach, Florida. The fast-food restaurant is directly adjacent to U.S. Highway 1 so the pair were in plain view of many passing motorists.

According to arrest reports, the cop spotted Arnold Mackey “making a thrusting motion while on top of” April White. When confronted by Deputy Eric Brashears around 2 p.m., the 70-year-old and 44-year-old began by “adjusting their shorts.”

The officer also noted that Mackey “appeared flustered” and was unable to “fully pull his shorts up which left his penis fully exposed to oncoming traffic.”

White claimed that she had done nothing wrong and reportedly called Deputy Brashears obscenities as he sought to restrain her. She also smelled of alcohol and police found four empty bottles of vodka and an unopened bottle of rum nearby.

The motorist who had called 911 after spotting the duo said he “did a ‘double take’ because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.” They added that “the female had her legs spread open” and “the male was ‘inserting his fingers’ inside the female in full view of traffic.”

Both White and Mackey were arrested for exposure of sexual organs. White was also charged with resisting arrest and disorderly intoxication. Both currently remain behind in jail, with White’s bond set at $7,000, while Mackey’s was set at $5,000.