Pair of Women Attempting to Drive 500 Miles in Toy Cars

Honk if you’ve ever driven a toy car before. A pair of Florida women are attempting to drive 500 miles down the state’s coast in a pair of toy cars, creating a new Guinness World Record in the process.

Cassie Aran and her friend, Lauren, are documenting their adventures online after they set off for their journey from Friendship Fountain in Jacksonville in a pair of ride-on toy cars. The women are aiming to make the whopping 500-mile drive to the Southernmost Point Buoy in Key West in around two months.

According to the pair, Guinness World Records does not currently list a record-holder for the longest distance traveled by toy car but the organization did approve their application to start the category.

“This just kind of came as this wild idea because we had these cars as kids,” Lauren told said. “We used to ride around with toy cars as kids and have always wanted a Guinness World Record attempt. So we’re like, this would be a fun way to kind of honor our childhood.”

The record attempt is also a way for the women to raise money for animal charities including the Red Panda Network in Nepal, the Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center, the Save a Fox Rescue in Minnesota and the World Bird Sanctuary in Missouri.