Philadelphia Animal Control Remove Alligator From Residence

Yali, a Philadelphia resident, decided to part ways with their gator pet and the pet owner made the tough decision to say, “See ya later, alligator.”

The main reason for the rehoming is the size of the animal, which is rapidly outgrowing the makeshift enclosure. The alligator used to be tiny but grew to eight feet, 127 pounds.

“My husband had him since 2011,” Yali said. “We’ve had him all these years, been in the basement.”

Yali is going through a divorce with her husband and the animal is just another reminder of their shattered union. Thus, she’s made the call to put it up for adoption. “I wanted him out of here,” Yali said.

The woman reached out to ACCT Philly to find Big Mack a new caregiver, with Big Mack being the animal shelter’s third alligator rescued this month.

Credit: CBS News

The transport of Big Mack to the animal shelter wasn’t an easy transition; the gator had to be lifted by three men. After getting the animal out of his enclosure, animal protection officers tied him up and took him out of the home.

“Hopefully, you find a nice home for him,” Yali said.

Executive director Sarah Barnett explains they initially planned to take the gator to a sanctuary in Michigan but his size is too big for that location. They’re exploring other locations to fit the gigantic size.

“We’re going to find placement for him,” Barnett said. “That’s going to give him the space and the care that he needs.”

It’s important to note it is illegal in Philadelphia to own a wild animal but ACCT Philly confirmed they won’t push any criminal charges. They are more determined to find a safe home for the gentle giant.