Plane Returns to New York Airport After Horse Gets Loose on Board

Well, this certainly isn’t a story you hear about every day. A cargo plane that left a New York airport had to turn around shortly after take-off when a horse got loose on board.

The incident took place on an Air Atlanta Icelandic cargo plane that departed from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. A recording of air traffic control communication made its way online and features the pilots of the plane trying to explain to JFK controllers that they had to return to the airport because a horse was loose on the aircraft.

“The horse managed to escape his stall. We don’t have a problem flying-wise, but we need to return back to New York; we cannot get the horse back secured,” a pilot can be heard saying in the recording.

Once the plane landed, a veterinarian was brought in to check on the horse. Fortunately, everything turned out to be fine and the flight to Liege, Belgium, departed again later in the day with no issues.