Police Respond to Home Invasion Find Squirrelly Suspect

Burglars are normally a bit bigger than the size of a small animal. Police in Missouri responded to a home invasion only to come face-to-face with a squirrel.

The Liberty Police Department posted body camera footage on Facebook that showed officers entering a home where an alarm system was triggered. “Noises could be heard coming from inside of the home,” the post said. “Officers entered the house. Noises continued.”

Credit: Liberty Police Department

Believing it was an actual burglar, officers had their guns drawn and ready to shoot only to get a laugh when they discovered the suspect was a squirrel. “Oh, it’s right there, it’s a squirrel,” the officer said.

In the video, the officer let out a loud scream when the squirrel startled him by breaking into a run. Unfortunately, the police were unable to capture the squirrely suspect. A wanted poster at the end of the video stated that “Rocky the squirrel” remains at large.