Raccoon Causes Thousands of New Hampshire Residents to Lose Power

Raccoons can be quite pesky animals when they choose to be. A raccoon was on the wrong end of a power outage that left thousands of New Hampshire residents to lose power.

Unitil, a natural gas utility company servicing the New England area, said that the accident happened sometime throughout the night on May 13, 2023. According to the company, a raccoon “made contact in a substation,” leaving thousands of Hampton, New Hampshire, residents in the dark.

The widespread power outage was said to have impacted close to 2,000 customers. Crews were able to restore power to all the customers affected by the incident.

Fortunately, Unilit did not report any other outages that might have occurred because of the curious raccoon. They asked that any customers still without power report it to them using their online form. No word was announced about the state of the raccoon.