Seal Wanders Into California Hotel

When you think of a seal, most picture the critter swimming along in the ocean. That wasn’t the case in this instance as a seal was found in a hotel in California and had to be escorted off the property by police.

The Pismo Beach Police Department wrote in a Facebook post that its “seal team” responded to the Sandcastle Inn in Pismo Beac. They were called about a report of a seal wandering a hallway. It even managed to climb up some stairs in the hotel.

“The PBPD #SealTeam deployed in full force to the Sandcastle Inn last night, but halted the rescue momentarily for a #SealSelfie. This little guy figured out how to go up the stairs, but needed some help to get back down. Don’t worry buddy, we got you!!” the post read.

Officers included the selfie they took with the animal in their post before escorting the animal out of the hotel.