“Straight to the Point” Sign Installed to Shame Dog Walkers

One thing a dog walker must always do is pick after their pups when they take a dump. It sounds easier said than done and many will just choose to leave piles of their pup’s poop all over the place instead of disposing of it properly.

A man became fed up with piles of dog poop surrounding his home so he decided to install some “straight to the point” signs in his neighborhood. These signs essentially shamed lazy dog walkers into picking up after their pets.

The homemade signs were made out of paper adorned with multiple phrases and imagery related to dog walkers picking up their dog’s poop. In a video uploaded to Reddit, the signs can be seen reading, “Pick up your dog’s poop” and “We ain’t picking up a m’fn THING.”

Several people in the comments felt the same way, sympathizing with the angry man over people not disposing of their dog’s dumps.

One person wrote: “People who don’t pick up after their dogs shouldn’t be allowed to own dogs.”

Another commented: “I don’t think it’s passive aggressive. The scum bag that leaves dog shit around is an arsehole and should have dog shit put through his/her letterbox.”