Suspected Burglar Does Yoga Before Stealing From Bakery

There’s nothing like doing some yoga to calm you down before a big heist. A suspected burglar was caught on camera performing yoga before breaking into a bakery in Australia.

Surveillance video captured a woman doing stretches before breaking into Phillippa’s Bakery in Melbourne, Australia on March 3, 2024. The business posted the video of the unnamed 44-year-old woman doing yoga before the break-in on its Instagram.

Credit: Phillippa’s Bakery

According to the bakery, the woman completed some yoga before breaking into a bakery and stealing some croissants. Amused by the entire incident, the bakery added music from the “Mission: Impossible” theme in the background to their surveillance video of the burglar.

The woman ended up being charged with theft, burglary and going equipped to steal. She was later released on bail.