Suspected Burglar Turns Out to Be Panicked Deer

It can be quite frightening to have someone try to break into your home. A New Brunswick couple had a sigh of relief after an alleged burglar that had broken into their home turned out to actually be a panicked deer.

Ray and Katie O’Donnell said that they arrived back to their Hampton home after a quick trip to the grocery store to find one of their windows had been broken. Assuming the worst, the couple initially thought there was a burglar inside but it ended up being a deer that had made its way to their basement.

The couple’s son, Colin O’Donnell, visited his parents with a friend to help steer the animal out of the family’s home. A Department of Natural Resources officer also arrived at the house who assisted in encouraging the deer up the stairs and out the door.

The Department of Natural Resources confirmed that the deer did not appear to be seriously injured. Although this is good news, the O’Donnells said that the animal left quite the mess throughout their house.