TikTok Users Baffled After Muscular Pigeon Sighting

A pigeon casually strolling in a garden left TikTok users in disbelief at its strange appearance. In a viral TikTok video, people who were clueless about the bird’s breed thought nature messed up this bird with its unusually tall height.

The first impression of the pigeon is nothing out of the ordinary as it still has the grey and white color similar to the ones roaming the street.

A closer look at the video reveals a different story. When it stands tall and walks around with its long legs, the bird appears abnormally tall with its beak looking like it swallowed an object whole.

When the bird makes its way closer to the camera, the giant crop becomes clear to see. Users were taken aback by the peculiar appearance and one person compared it to Pokémon: “What in the Pokémon is that?”

Another wrote: “You are telling me that chickgeon can fly?”

“This looks like some s*** the high evolutionary was making,” a user added and another said: “If I were five years old and you told me to draw a picture of a bird, this is what it would look like.”

Although the bird’s appearance may seem odd, people grew a liking to it and became fascinated by the pigeon once they discovered it’s a unique breed. A person wrote: “I should take back my comment, I did not realize this is a special breed.”