Vegan Restaurant Owner Adds Meat to the Menu

It apparently costs quite a bit to run a vegan-only restaurant. To help bring in more customers and keep the business afloat, a vegan restaurant owner announced that he was adding meat to the menu.

Adonis Norouznia, owner of Nomas Gastrobar, said that the only way for him to keep his vegan restaurant in Macclesfield, England, open was to add meat to the menu. “It is very difficult to stay in business selling only vegan,” Norouznia said. “When some people find out we are vegan, they walk out.”

Nomas Gastrobar opened in 2021 after pandemic restrictions eased across the country. Even then, the business faced challenges because of its vegan menu.

In a Facebook post, Norouznia said that adding “high-quality, responsibly sourced meat and dairy options” to the menu was a decision made after much thought. He mentioned that there is still “unwavering” support for its vegan clientele for the decision.

“Vegan-only is not going to pay my staff or support my family,” Norouznia said.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/nomasgastrobar/posts/758528459656267