Alligator Relocated From Former Coca-Cola Plant Put on Weight-Loss Diet

It’s time to lose some weight. An alligator discovered to be living behind a former Coca-Cola plant in Florida has been placed on a diet to lose some weight.

The nine-foot alligator was relocated from its home at the former Coca-Cola plant in Temple Terrace, Florida, after neighbors raised concerns about a damaged fence around the retention pond. The gator was taken in by Croc Encounters, where veterinarians determined that the over-400-pound reptile should be put on a weight-loss diet.

“That’s a little heavy for that animal,” Croc Encounters Director John Panner said.

According to neighbors living near the plant, some locals had been feeding the reptile, which they nicknamed Coca-Cola. On most days, the gator would be served lunch meat and hams by nearby residents.

Panner said the alligator’s new diet will be more well-suited to his species. “All of our alligators get a mix of pellet diet,” he said. “We’ll also feed fish, we also feed chicken, we’ll do that on a regular basis, and hopefully he’ll slim down a bit.”