Bear Caught Trying to Break Into Police Car

Being a police officer doesn’t exempt you from the dangers of wild animals. The Florida Highway Patrol captured security camera footage that showed a hungry bear trying to break into a parked patrol car.

The FHP’s Troop F posted a video on Instagram that showed the bear approaching the parked vehicle. Clearly, on the hunt for some snacks, the animal attempted to use its mouth and paws to work the door handle.

“Wanted. Attempted burglary of a FHP State Trooper Car,” the post read. The attempted break-in was caused by a bear, nicknamed “Teddy” by the FHP, which was ultimately unsuccessful. The doors of the car were locked at the time so the bear was unable to get inside.

Since bruins will go to great lengths to get food, Florida wildlife officials recommend keeping car doors locked while parked and keeping vehicles free of any food or trash that could attract the animals.