Bear Spotted Using Backyard Hot Tub

When a summer heat wave hits, any chance you can take a dip is refreshing. A bear decided to go ahead and use a Jacuzzi in the backyard of a California resident’s home to cool off.

The Burbank Police Department shared a video on Facebook of a bear beating the heat by taking a tip in a Jacuzzi. Police had responded to a report of a bear sighting in a residential neighborhood when they discovered the animal taking it easy.

Credit: Burbank Police Department

“This #bear is beating the heat in Burbank! Officers are on-scene after the bear was spotted in a hillside neighborhood before taking a dip to cool off,” the post read. The animal was found about 10 miles north of Los Angeles and near the Verdugo Mountains.

After a short dip, the bear eventually climbed over a wall and headed to a tree behind the home. The Burbank police have issued warnings for residents to avoid bears and to keep all garbage and food locked up to discourage the animals from coming to their residences.