Florida Deputies Request People to Stop Calling About Manatee Sex

Concerned locals began contacting deputies in Pinellas County after they saw hoards of swinging manatees in the canals and shorelines. Officials shared a Facebook announcement informing residents that the manatees aren’t in distress; it’s the opposite, they are having sex and mating with one another.

“We can assure you they are more than fine,” the post read. “Manatees actually mate in herds like these and often they are near the shore.”

Manatees are usually seen gliding slowly through the water and even though they are large, they aren’t always easy to spot at sea.

The male manatees do sometimes pursue one female and it can get pretty aggressive but it’s just nature doing its thing. There is nothing alarming to report to the busy officers, who are growing tired of hearing about the manatees getting busy.

According to the post, the mating patterns are more common during the warmer summer months and “there’s no need to call.” They are doing completely fine.

The best course of action for people is to stand back and leave the manatees alone. It’s risky to get into their activity and illegal in Florida. The law in Florida forbids touching or disturbing manatees.