Moose Eats Halloween Pumpkin Off Alaska Woman’s Porch

Although Halloween is over, animals are still having fun with the spooky holiday. A bull moose was caught on camera chowing down on a woman’s Halloween pumpkin in Alaska.

While Natalie Levy was sleeping, her Ring doorbell camera recorded a nighttime visit by a hungry bull moose that showed up at her front door. The animal ended up standing at the foot of her porch for several minutes snacking on a pumpkin.

Credit: Natalie Levy

“The post-Halloween porch clean-up fairy paid us a morning visit,” Levy said. The moose, which did a pretty good job of finishing off the Halloween decor, can be seen on video hardly fitting between the porch opening and wooden beams.

This moose isn’t the only hungry porch pirate that struck for Halloween. A bear in Florida decided to wander around a neighborhood stealing Halloween candy.