Mystery Plane Piece Lands on Philadelphia Home’s Roof

It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane? An 8-foot metal object that’s suspected to be a piece of a plane somehow ended up on the roof of a Philadelphia home.

Sara and Fabian Lima said they first spotted the object on the roof of their home in the Mount Airy, Philadelphia, neighborhood on February 6, 2024. Despite it being their home, they were both left baffled as to how it had gotten there.

“It looks exactly like a plane window section,” Fabian Lima said. “I have not heard of any planes missing doors in this area, so I have a hard time saying that was a straight face, but it’s the only thing I can think of.”

The couple said they believe the object may have fallen from today but that they never heard it land on their roof. A team of inspectors from the Federal Aviation Administration arrived at the pair’s home to take photos of the object after Fabian removed it from his roof with a pool skimmer.

The inspectors did ask them to keep the object safe until the investigation was completed, which the couple agreed to. A spokesperson for the NTSB said that the FAA would first need to determine whether the door was part of an accident or incident, which would then prompt an investigation.