Police Announce Reports of Loose Boa Constrictor a Misunderstanding

You’d think that it would be very obvious whether or not to determine if a snake is loose or not. Police in Massachusetts reported that a previous warning they had made about a boa constrictor on the loose was the result of a miscommunication.

The Lexington Police Department first issued a warning on Facebook about the snake, saying a loose boa constrictor had been spotted behind the CVS store in the Center area of town. “A resident of town took a photo of this snake, identified as a Boa Constrictor, in the Center area behind CVS. It was described as very docile and appears to be a pet that has either escaped or released,” the post read.

The next day, police announced that the snake was actually a pet accompanied by its owner and was never on the loose.

“They were showing the snake to people and put it down on the ground and allowed people to view it and take photos. A set of photos was involved in a text chain among Lexington youths,” the department tweeted.

The department added: “A concerned parent saw the photos, mistakenly thought it was roaming the area freely, and contacted the Lexington Animal Control Officer. It was confirmed the snake was taken away by the owner at the time of the photos.”