Russian Influencer Sentenced After Tickling Breast of War Statue

Well, this is certainly one way to end up in jail. A Russian influencer was sentenced after she was caught filming herself tickling a famous war statue from afar.

Alena Agafonova filmed herself pretending to tickle the right breast of a giant statue in Volgograd, Russia. Despite Instagram being banned in Russia, the 23-year-old posted the video to her stories showing the statue in the distance as she wiggles her finger in front of its chest. The woman could also be heard giggling in the clip and shared it with a laughing emoji.

After the incident, Agafonova was put on Russia’s most wanted list and she fled to Sri Lanka. There, she was arrested and brought back to Russia, where she was detained for two months while further investigations were carried out.

Agafonova was accused of “desecration of a burial site” and “cynical actions that disregard the norms of morality” as well as the “rehabilitation of Nazism.” She was sentenced to 10 months of hard labor, banned from social media for two years and will now have to pay 10 percent of her future earnings as a fine.

Agafanova did issue an apology for the video, saying: “I address all residents of Russia and Volgograd and ask everyone not to commit the acts I did last year because of my stupidity. I didn’t even think that I could insult someone’s feelings.”

She also added: “I ask all Russian citizens for forgiveness.”

The statue, called The Motherland Calls, depicts a woman wielding a sword and standing where one of the most epic battles of the Second World War took place. It commemorates those who fought and died in the battle, which resulted in a decisive Soviet victory against Adolf Hitler and Germany.