Scotland Homeowner Discovers Fox in Bathtub

Imagine walking into the bathroom of your home to take a shower and being shocked to find a wild animal inside. A Scotland resident called animal rescuers after they reported a wild fox had found its way into the home’s bathroom.

The Scottish SPCA said Animal Rescue Officer Catherine Atterton responded to a call from an Edinburgh home about a wild animal that had found its way inside and was hiding in the bathtub.

“The resident of the house got a bit of a shock when they discovered the fox cub in the bath,” Atterton said in a news release. “They think the animal must have sneaked in through an open door at some point during the day, but wasn’t sure when.”

Atterton reported the fox appeared to be scared but uninjured overall. “Thankfully the cub was unhurt, just a bit frightened,” the news release said.

The rescue officer was able to return the cub to the wild after identifying a fox den located nearby.