Security Guard Attempts to Eat Art Exhibit While Working

Art is definitely subjective depending on the viewer but that doesn’t mean that lunch is served. A Russian security guard working at an art exhibit damaged and then tried to eat the piece he was meant to be protecting.

The organizers of a contemporary art exhibition at Moscow’s VDNKh permanent exhibition center noticed that one of the exhibits was missing the main piece. Named “Escape of the Goldfish,” the artwork featured a goldfish bowl with a goldfish sticking out of it right next to a painting of the open sea, with another goldfish stuck to it as if it had jumped from the bowl and into the waves.

Credit: REN TV

Caught on camera, a security guard who was on duty at the time decided to vandalize the very thing he was paid to protect. The curious culprit was seen on security footage approaching the art piece and casually pulling on the two fish. He then smelled the fish, which we assume is fake, and tried to take a bite of it.

When organizers first noticed that the artwork had been damaged, they checked the security cameras and caught the guard red-handed. When confronted about his behavior, the man simply shrugged it off. He was suspended from his job and “Escape of the Goldfish” was made good as new after a few days.