Sheep Runs Onto Field at CFL Football Game

When attending a football, the last thing you expect to see on the field is an animal on the loose. A Canadian Football League game held in Saskatchewan took an interesting turn when a sheep ran out onto the field during halftime.

The sheep had been brought to the Mosaic Stadium in Regina, Saskatchewan, as part of the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ Country Night. Things got crazy when the animal got loose during halftime of the Roughriders’ game against the Ottawa Redblacks.

Videos posted online show the sheep leading stadium staff on a wild goose chase around the field. Luckily, the animal was contained and taken off the field before the second half of the game started.

The Roughriders identified the sheep as a ewe but the animal was dubbed the “rally ram” by some fans after the team scored a touchdown moments after the sheep was corralled. The home team also managed to eke out a 26-24 victory.