Tourist’s Purse Grabbed by Monkey in Indonesia

If you’re on vacation, pick-pocketers aren’t the only thieves you should watch out for. A tourist attempting to take a selfie with a monkey while in Indonesia was left stunned when the primate stole her purse.

Jovita Coppage managed to get the entire incident captured on video, which she posted on Instagram. She was visiting the Ubud Monkey Forest in Bali when she attempted to take a selfie with a monkey she assumed was friendly enough

Credit: Jovita Coppage

In the video recorded by Coppage’s sister, the monkey can be seen reaching out and taking the purse out of Coppage’s hands. Almost like taking candy from a baby.

Coppage initially tried to take the purse back but had to take a step back when the animal aggressively showed off its terrifying teeth. The woman was eventually able to snag the purse and pull it from the monkey’s hands.

“From now on if I get asked if I’m a critical thinker, I’m going to show them this video,” she Coppage wrote online.