Upset Customer Shaves Barber’s Head Over Bad Haircut

When you get a haircut, you never know what it might turn out like. A man on vacation ended up shaving a barber’s head after he was upset over the haircut he received.

A video of the incident made its rounds online, which showed a Russian man getting a haircut at the Salute Barbershop in Pattaya, Thailand. The customer had allegedly walked into the business and explained to one of the barbers how he wanted his hair cut using hand gestures since he couldn’t speak very good English.

When the tourist’s vision was executed properly, he flew into a feat of rage and started swearing at the barber before picking up the shears and shaving part of his fringe as revenge. “You crazy mother f*****,” the unnamed man can be heard shouting. “I showed you. What the f***. Where are my bangs? What the f***.”

The angry customer then proceeded to grab a pair of clippers and shave part of the barber’s hair before storming out of the barbershop without paying for his haircut. “After he slammed the table, he grabbed my head, pulled it down, then trimmed my hair with a clipper,” Suphachai, the 32-year-old barber, said.

He added: “I didn’t retaliate, but I felt angry. I thought about several potential consequences if I fought back. I was afraid of facing legal repercussions or losing my job. So I chose to do nothing.”

Suphachai was forced to shave his whole head since the cut in his fringe was impossible to cover up. He also filed a complaint with the local police and is hoping to receive an apology from the Russian man if he hasn’t already left the country.