Woman Allegedly Tries to Kill Husband Over Postcard From 60 Years Ago

Love can make you do some pretty crazy things. A woman from Florida has been accused of assaulting and trying to kill her husband of half a century over a postcard he received from a woman that he had dated 60 years ago.

Bertha Yalter, a 71-year-old from North Miami Beach, Florida, is now facing charges of attempted murder and aggravated battery on a person 65 and older after allegedly attacking her husband after she discovered a postcard from a woman the man had dated 60 years ago.

Apparently, Yalter tried to smother her elderly husband with a pillow after learning that he had received a postcard from a woman in Turkey whom he had dated around 60 years ago. Yalter and her husband have been married for 52 years.

The attack occurred at the couple’s condominium in the Eastern Shores area and left the man with bruises and open lacerations on both of his arms and stomach area, as well as bleeding bite marks. The woman’s lawyer said that the elderly couple got into an argument over the postcard and that the repercussions were regrettable. They also added that there was no need to charge the woman with attempted murder.

A state attorney disagreed and explained that attempted pillow smothering was indeed attempted murder because “that would suffocate and kill him.” “I think she also admitted to urinating on him,” the state’s attorney said. “So, I think if you look at the totality of the circumstances, this appears to be more than a domestic battery by strangulation.”

Yalter’s husband is currently recovering from the attack and is actually working to try to get her out of jail. Despite his original statement, he has since denied being smothered with a pillow and claims he is “fine.”

Police have reported that there is a cell phone video of the incident, which will be used as evidence to determine what happened.