Fat Cat Confused for Mountain Lion Prompts School Lockdown

Who would’ve thought that a fat cat could cause so much confusion? A “fat cat eating a rat” caused a school in Washington state to lockdown after confusing the animal for a mountain lion.

A memo was issued to parents that a mountain lion was seen near Groff Elementary in Moses Lake, Washington on November 21, 2023. The situation initially caused the school to complete a lockdown but it transitioned to a “secured building” protocol. This way, classes could resume while students stayed indoors.

According to the memo to parents, educators eventually learned that the mountain lion was actually “a fat cat eating a rat.” “While we take all reports seriously, this was the first report we’ve ever had of this nature,” the school wrote in a statement. 

Despite the absurdity of the situation, safety measures were carried out to safeguard students and staff so the fat cat wouldn’t get any ideas.