Fawn Breaks Into Store on Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving, you’d think everyone would be on their best behavior. That wasn’t the case for a fawn in Maine that broke in and completely trashed a store on the afternoon of Thanksgiving.

Rockland Police Department reported that officers were alerted to a break-in at a store in Rockland, Maine, on November 23, 2023, sometime in the afternoon. The store was closed because of the holiday but somehow a fawn found its way inside to trash the place.

Credit: Rockland Police Department

Officers said on Facebook that when they arrived, they found “smashed out and items knocked over inside.” In order to get the animal out, they secured the exits but were shocked to discover a fawn was the culprit.

“The suspect was in fact a white tail deer, possibly trying to get a head start on some Black Friday shopping,” police wrote in the post.

Police said the fawn eventually left but was not seriously injured during the incident.