Pray to the Ripped Up Bible

Dogs have a mind of their own so it comes as no surprise to see one pup show off its “clear atheism” by ripping a Bible to shreds. One woman will have to start praying to a torn up Bible if she can’t get her dog in check.

Taking to Reddit, a dog owner posted about troubles they had with their pup, questioning the dog’s motives after he started routinely destroying their mother’s Bibles. The caption for the post read: “My dog keeps randomly tearing up my mum’s Bible. This is the third Bible she has had to purchase.” It also included an image of one of the ripped-up Bibles.

The post has become quite popular on the platform, leaving many to share their hilarious remarks about the situation. One user wrote: “Have you asked your vet if they do exorcisms?”

Another user joked: “Vet speaking. There is no easy way to say this… Your dog is an atheist.”

The top comment on the post read: “Ah, the old ‘My dog ate my mom’s bible’ excuse…”

A funny thread between two users got plenty of laughs. “Why would the dog need an exorcism? It’s already filled with the word of God,” one user wrote. “Soon to be holy shit,” a second responded.