Red Squirrel Shuts Down Bakery

Red squirrels can be quite pesky animals so it doesn’t come as much of a shock that one of them would completely shut down a bakery for two days. The unusual burglar definitely made sure to take their time.

The Greggs bakery in Pitlochry, Scotland, was closed on a Sunday when a red squirrel was found living in the roof of the building. The following day, the bakery remained closed because the initial attempts to safely extract the squirrel were unsuccessful.

The Scottish SPCA was contacted about the animal on September September 24, 2022. “As the squirrel was very high up in the rafters, we advised the member of the public to leave an exit for the squirrel in the hope the animal would come down of their own accord,” a representative said.

They added: “Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case and a member of our animal rescue team is now in the process of trying to gain access to the shop to assess the situation.”

In Scotland, the red squirrel is a protected species, which is why it’s important the animal is removed from the building in a safe manner. Specialists are still working on the safe extraction of the squirrel. Greggs officials also announced that the store would be thoroughly cleaned before reopening to the public once the squirrel has been removed.