Unpatriotic Raccoons Poop on Flag

Raccoons can be devious creatures. A group of the animals have been terrorizing a New York resident who claims that his home has repeatedly been invaded by raccoons. One of the “unpatriotic” animals even dropped a load on a flag.

Sam Fein, who is an Albany County legislator representing the 6th district, has had his home ransacked by raccoons on three occasions in recent weeks. The first instance his home in the South End of Albany was terrorized was when he left a back door ajar for his cat.

The second time, he was having a cat door installed to avoid any raccoons in the future. That didn’t stop the animals as on the third occasion, the raccoons chewed through a screen to gain access inside while Fein was vising Lake George on a weekend away. His neighbors called to inform him about mysterious noises coming from his apartment.

“I have an indoor camera so I logged in on to my camera and I saw I have a raccoon in my house,” Fein said.

The repeat visitors have stolen food, rummaged through his belongings and left behind some horrendous messes. “I noticed they got into a cabinet that had a folded up American flag in it and they pooped on the American flag,” Fein said. Sounds like one raccoon of the bunch was definitely disloyal to the United States.