Santa Who? | Get The Flick Outta Here #81

In the year 2000, beloved elder funnyman Leslie Nielsen took up the mantle of Ol’ Saint Nick himself, starring in a made-for-tv movie that ran on Wonderful World Of Disney. The name of the film was “Santa Who?”

In this movie, Santa falls out of his sleigh, freefalls thousands of feet through the air and lands on the hood of a car. Don’t worry. He’s fine.

When I say “fine,” what I mean is that he’s not dead, he doesn’t have any broken bones or major internal bleeding. What he DOES have, is complete and total AMNESIA.

It is up to a local reporter to find out who Santa “really” is, while trying to impress his single mom girlfriend and prove he can be a good dad to her son, all while avoiding anything resembling a commitment like the plague.

Did I mention that Santa’s elves are coming to look for him? Because they totally are, and whoa buddy the hijinks that ensue? Wow.

Did I convince you that we might not Get The Flick Outta Here?

Good. Then my job here is done.

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