Holiday in Handcuffs | Get The Flick Outta Here #82

With all the cookie-cutter Hallmark-esque Christmas rom-coms that have been produced over the last two decades or so, with the same rinse/repeat plotlines and the same tired character archetypes, it’s a rarity to find one that tries something new.

However, it could certainly be argued that maybe *this particular new thing* was maybe a step in the wrong direction.

Starring Sabrina The Teenage Witch and AC Slater from “Saved By The Bell”, a struggling artist/waitress, desperate to impress her shallow parents, kidnaps a random customer she has never met, at gunpoint, and forces him to pretend to be the stockbroker boyfriend who just dumped her. THIS WORKS, SOMEHOW. And it works SO good that the kidnapped guy FALLS IN LOVE WITH HER.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, reluctantly, “Holiday in Handcuffs,” which probably should have been renamed “Have Yourself A Merry Little Stockholm Syndrome.”

But is it so crazy that it’s actually good, or will we decide to GET THE FLICK OUTTA HERE? Only one way to find out!

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