Giant Butter Cow Sculpture Returns to Illinois State Fair

An 800-pound cow sculpted from butter is the showstopper attraction at the Illinois State Fair.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Agriculture Director Jerry Costello II unveiled the 102nd Butter Cow at the Illinois State Fairgrounds. Although it sounds like a bizarre attraction, many people admire the cow at the ceremony. In a tweet, Pritzker was seen using a squeegee to wipe the condensation off the cow’s glass case.

The current version of the Butter Cow shows the animal being milked by Illinois dairy farmer Lorilee Shultz from Mill-R-Mor Dairy in Orangeville. A second sculpture in the showcase reveals Shultz’s granddaughter, Lucy, taking care of a calf.

Sarah Pratt is the artist behind the 2023 Butter Cow. “It is a privilege to honor Illinois farm families by sculpting the famous butter cow each year,” Pratt said.

“This year it has really come full circle for me personally. My own daughter Grace sculpted the additional sculpture of Lucy and her calf. Family is at the heart of Illinois farms and to be able to honor that, while working alongside my 19-year-old daughter passing down this tradition to her is precious.”

Source: https://twitter.com/GovPritzker/status/1689392707053957121