Hotpot Restaurant Introduces Hair Washing Service for Customers

Who wouldn’t want to get their hair washed after a delicious meal? A hotpot restaurant in China has recently gone viral for launching a shampooing service for loyal customers who want to get the smell of food out of their hair after a meal.

HaiDiLao, China’s largest hotpot restaurant chain, knows that the smell of the food can last from hours to days in your hair. To combat this ongoing problem, they created a pilot program to see whether or not customers appreciate the service.

The hotpot chain decided to launch a shampooing service at one of its restaurants in Wuxi, China, where the hair salon-like experience is only available to loyal customers who accumulate enough loyalty points. These ‘Lao coins’ can only be earned by spending enough money at HaiDiLao locations.

Photos that were shared on Chinese social media show off the elaborate hair-washing facilities at the HaiDiLao restaurant that could easily rival professional hair salons. A few who have tried the service have claimed that they are worth the 200 Lao coins required.

For the price, customers have a variety of different shampoos to choose from and get to enjoy a relaxing head massage while a professional beauty expert works on their hair. The whole experience lasts around 20 minutes and includes hair drying.

To much surprise, this isn’t the first time HaiDiLao restaurants have offered crazy additional services. In the past, they offered manicures, pedicures, and makeup services as a way of attracting new business. With a number of already creative options tested out, who knows what the restaurant might come up with next?

Source: https://youtu.be/yXKv97xQATQ