Israeli Restaurant Serves Chocolate Ice Cream in Toilet Bowl

If licking chocolate ice cream out of a toilet bowl sets your taste buds on fire, an Israeli restaurant has exactly what you’re looking for. The staff presents their customers with a dish that resembles a toilet bowl, containing ice cream scattered all over the bowl. It’s impossible not to think about poop while staring blankly at this dessert on the table.

Gordos, a famous restaurant in Holon, Israel, has sparked controversy online after introducing their newest dessert: “Third House of Shit.” The strange dessert is true to its name with an actual toilet bowl filled with chocolate ice cream. Rest assured, although it may not be visually striking, this creamy texture will be sweeter than the actual stool.

The restaurant shared an Instagram video where the staff dropped the bowl for their customers speechlessly hold their spoons ready to grab a bite. The poop explosion may have been met with smiles in the video, but Instagram users weren’t happy with the name of the desert. A few people were angry over the “Third House Shit” name.

In the Jewish religion, the Third House refers to a hypothetical rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. People couldn’t digest that the restaurant paired the holy term with a toilet bowl so the mockery wasn’t well received online.

“Shocking. Such a lack of respect for the religious side that makes up more than 50 percent of the country’s population,” one person wrote.

“You are probably on the verge of bankruptcy if you decided to shock everyone with such a perverse idea,” another added.

If staring at a diarrhea-like dish sends your mouth drooling, check out this dessert option at Gordos. There aren’t many restaurants that have toilet bowls readily available for customers.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CvMVDfvIcfW/